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Weekly Political Roundup: Key Ohio and National Stories You Might Have Missed - Week Ending June 22, 2024

Each week we trying to bring you recaps of political stories you might have missed. We know you're busy, or taking a break from the 24 hour news cycle, so we're here to help!

What You Might Have Missed in Ohio


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Weekly Political Roundup: Key Oho and National Stories You Might Have Missed - Week Ending June 22, 2024

Ohio Workers Ratify Landmark Deal at Electric Vehicle Battery Plant

Workers at an electric vehicle battery plant in Lordstown, Ohio, have ratified a groundbreaking deal between the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and Ultium Cells, a joint venture between General Motors and LG. The new contract, affecting 1,600 hourly employees, includes higher wages, overtime provisions, and enhanced health and safety programs. President Biden celebrated the agreement, highlighting it as a significant step in building the future of the auto industry while bringing back good-paying union jobs. This deal underscores the administration's commitment to both climate change initiatives and the creation of unionized, well-paying jobs in the renewable energy sector.

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Ohio Governor DeWine's Involvement in Corruption Scandal Under Scrutiny

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine finds himself entangled in the state's largest public corruption scandal, raising serious questions about his role and awareness. Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was sentenced to 20 years in prison for accepting $60 million in bribes to pass House Bill 6, a $1.3 billion bailout for FirstEnergy’s nuclear power plants. DeWine's administration is implicated through multiple connections to FirstEnergy, including his appointment of a bribed official as the chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Text messages and dark money records reveal close interactions between DeWine and FirstEnergy executives, casting doubt on his claims of ignorance. This scandal highlights either deep-seated corruption or gross incompetence, with significant repercussions for Ohio’s political landscape.

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Ohio's Campaign Finance Reform in the Wake of Corruption Scandal

Amid ongoing revelations of Governor Mike DeWine's connections to indicted FirstEnergy executives, Ohio Republican lawmakers are drafting legislation to mandate greater campaign finance disclosure. The largest corruption scheme in Ohio's history, involving $61 million in dark money to pass House Bill 6, has led to calls for transparency. This bill aims to reveal the sources of campaign funds, ensuring Ohioans know who is funding political campaigns. Lawmakers like Rep. Jay Edwards and Rep. Sara Carruthers are pushing for these changes to prevent future scandals and restore public trust in the political process.

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Ohio GOP Pushes Costly Election Security Bills Amid Nonexistent Voter Fraud

Despite Ohio having one of the lowest rates of voter fraud in the country, Republican lawmakers are pushing costly legislation, House Bill 472 and Senate Bill 274, to address a problem that doesn’t exist. These bills propose banning all voting machines and requiring hand counts, potentially causing chaos in the November election. Voter fraud has been a GOP talking point since Trump’s 2020 loss, despite no credible evidence. The proposed changes misunderstand cybersecurity and threaten to decertify $114 million worth of secure voting machines, leading to unnecessary taxpayer expense and increased election insecurity.

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What You Might Have Missed Nationally

Justice Alito's Unusual Absence Amid Controversy

Justice Samuel Alito's absence during the Supreme Court’s final term opinions is raising eyebrows, particularly since the court has issued nine opinions over the last two days. The Supreme Court has not provided an explanation for his absence. Recently, Alito has been in the spotlight for controversial flag displays outside his properties, including an inverted US flag and a flag flown during the January 6th attack on the Capitol. His absence coincided with the court's decision to uphold a federal law barring guns for domestic abusers, rejecting claims that it violated the Second Amendment.

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Trump's Proposed Tariffs Could Backfire on U.S. Consumers

Former President Donald Trump plans to impose a 10% tariff on all imports if re-elected, aiming to protect American jobs and raise revenue to extend his 2017 tax cuts. However, economists warn that this would act as a tax on consumers, raising prices for typical households by approximately $1,700 annually. The Peterson Institute for International Economics and the Center on American Progress estimate significant additional costs for middle-class families. Experts argue that tariffs are often passed onto consumers and fail to protect jobs, with historical data showing continued job offshoring and negative impacts on employment in sectors like agriculture.

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Biden Administration Announces $850 Million in Methane Emission Reduction Grants

The Biden administration announced the availability of $850 million in Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) grants aimed at reducing methane emissions. Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk outlined that the funds will target emissions from current oil wells, leaks from other equipment, and improved leak monitoring in low-income and majority-minority communities. Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe highlighted the grants' potential to help smaller operators comply with federal rules, improve emissions measurement, and provide transparent data to impacted communities. These efforts are expected to reduce inefficiencies, create jobs, and achieve near-term emissions reductions critical for slowing climate change and protecting public health.

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