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Scioto County Democratic Party Announces Endorsements for November 5, 2024 General Election

Updated: May 24

SCIOTO COUNTY, OH - The Scioto County Democratic Party is proud to announce its official endorsements for the upcoming November 5, 2024, General Election. These endorsements were voted on and approved during our May committee meeting, reflecting our commitment to supporting candidates who uphold the values of justice, equality, and progress for all Ohioans.

Joseph Biden - President of the United States

Our party is proud to endorse President Joseph Biden for re-election. President Biden has demonstrated strong leadership, a commitment to unity, and a dedication to rebuilding our nation.

Sherrod Brown - U.S. Senate

We are honored to support Senator Sherrod Brown, a champion for working families and a tireless advocate for Ohioans in the U.S. Senate.

Samantha Meadows - Ohio 2nd Congressional District

Samantha Meadows has shown unwavering dedication to her community and will bring fresh, progressive ideas to Congress.

Shane Marcum - Ohio Senate, 14th District

Shane Marcum brings a fresh perspective and a vision for Ohio that will ensure our state continues to thrive and grow.

Kate Nunnelley - State Representative, 90th District

Kate Nunnelley is dedicated to government transparency, education, and community building, with a strong commitment to serving the people.

Michael Donnelly, Melody Stewart, and Lisa Forbes - Ohio Supreme Court Justice

We endorse Michael Donnelly, Melody Stewart, and Lisa Forbes for the Ohio Supreme Court. Their integrity, legal acumen, and dedication to justice will strengthen our judicial system.

Jerry Buckler - Domestic Relations Judge

Jerry Buckler's extensive experience in domestic relations law continues to make him the ideal candidate for Domestic Relations Judge.

William Ogg - Scioto County Treasurer

William Ogg brings many years of financial expertise and a commitment to transparency, making him the once again the right choice for Scioto County Treasurer.

Gail Alley - Scioto County Recorder

With many years of experience, Gail Alley's attention to detail and dedication to preserving public records will continue to serve the residents of Scioto County well.

As we approach this crucial election, we urge all residents of Scioto County to support these outstanding candidates. Their leadership and vision will help build a better future for our community and our state.

For more information about our candidates and their platforms, please visit or contact the Scioto County Democratic Party at using the contact form on our site.

Together, we can build a just society … as long as it takes.


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