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Political News Recap - Week Ending June 15, 2024

We know your time is valuable, so we've curated this selection of key political stories you might have missed. Stay informed on important developments from Ohio and beyond with our concise summaries.

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Your News Recap for Ohio

Ohio Special Election Sees Democratic Surge in Historically Red District

In a notable shift, Republican state Senator Michael Rulli won Ohio's 6th District special election by 10 points, a stark contrast to the 30-point margins by his predecessor, Bill Johnson. Despite Rulli's win, the election highlighted a 20-point swing towards Democrats, with political analyst Dave Wasserman citing "abysmal" voter turnout as a key factor. Both candidates, Rulli and Democrat Michael Kripchak, will face off again in November, indicating a potentially tighter race in this blue-collar district.

Ohio Lawmakers Propose Major Overhaul to Voting System Amidst Controversy

Republican state lawmakers are pushing House Bill 472, a comprehensive overhaul of Ohio's voting system. The bill proposes replacing all voting machines, mandating photo IDs for voter registration, and potentially allowing hand-counting of ballots. Critics, including elections officials and Democrats, argue it will burden taxpayers and voters with unnecessary costs and delays. The bill is supported by the Ohio Election Integrity Network, which echoes debunked claims of widespread voter fraud. The bill faces opposition from various quarters, including county governments and some state officials, raising concerns about its feasibility and impact on election integrity.

Supreme Court's Mifepristone Ruling and Its Potential Ripple Effects in Ohio

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the abortion pill mifepristone will remain available, a decision that could have significant implications in Ohio. This comes after a year of successes for abortion rights advocates in the state, including the passing of Issue 1, which enshrines reproductive rights into the Ohio constitution. Despite this federal win, challenges persist, with ongoing lawsuits and potential legislative changes that could impact access to reproductive healthcare in Ohio.

Your Nationwide News Recap

Disney Resumes Donations to Florida Republicans After Settling Feud with DeSantis

Following a settlement with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Disney has resumed political donations, contributing over $87,000 in nonmonetary support to political committees, including those of Republican lawmakers, in April and May. This marks a significant shift for Disney, which had halted donations during its dispute with DeSantis over the controversial "Don't Say Gay" bill. Despite past tensions, Disney is now supporting some lawmakers who backed the bill, signaling a détente. Additionally, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District approved Disney's $17 billion development deal, solidifying their renewed cooperation.

Judge Strikes Paragraph from Trump Indictment, Trial Delayed

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon struck a paragraph from former President Donald Trump’s federal indictment, which described his handling of classified information, deeming it irrelevant. The paragraph detailed Trump showing a classified military document to a political action committee representative without security clearance. This decision follows Trump’s legal team’s request to dismiss the charges for lack of clear violations. Despite denying the dismissal, Cannon agreed to remove paragraph 36. The 60-page indictment, filed by special prosecutor Jack Smith, accuses Trump of illegally retaining classified documents. The trial, initially set for May, has been delayed due to ongoing pretrial motions.

Justice Samuel Alito Criticizes Media Scrutiny Amidst Ethics Controversies

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has expressed frustration over media scrutiny, particularly targeting ProPublica's investigative journalism. During a conversation captured by documentary filmmaker Lauren Windsor, Alito attributed the criticism to dissatisfaction with the court's decisions. He singled out ProPublica for its detailed investigations into justices, including himself and Clarence Thomas. ProPublica responded, emphasizing their transparency and commitment to exposing abuses of power. Alito’s comments reflect broader discontent among some justices regarding increased public and media attention on their actions and ethical conduct.


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