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Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action

worldwide flight attendant day of action is february 13 2024

I continue to believe that unions are an essential part of the fight for the Dignity of Work.

Flight Attendant unions are planning a day of action on February 13th to protest unfair pay practices. I stand with them.

Last year, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, representing 26,000 members voted overwhelming to authorize a strike. Their complaints are legitimate including not being paid for time on the job while not in the air. Unfortunately, the National Mediation Board declined that request.

Flight Attendants and Railroad workers are some of those jobs whose union negotiations are subject to the will of the Federal Government. We saw this with Congress voting to impose a rail contract on those unions in 2022.

I understand that strikes can have devastating effects on the economy but what good is a union that can't strike? If an industry is too important for work stoppage, then they had better be paid like it, as Democrats, we should have their backs.

Read more from AFACWA and the Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action...


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