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Why Give to Your Local Political Party

In my past, I didn’t believe in giving to politicians - national or local. I always felt that they had more money than I did and that they should be able to provide their own financial support. As I have become involved in our local democratic party, I realized that our candidates and elected officials need our support: not just financially, but also our time. I also found that our local party helps to defend our rights and move forward the democratic agenda.

Campaigns are costly and require a great deal of time to conduct properly. Signs, mailings, calling, and websites all cost money. Many first-time candidates try to do this on their own; personally going into debt to finance their campaigns. Many of them go to multiple events and also spend time canvassing (going door to door) to meet their constituents and to better spread their message.

So where does your money go when you donate to your local party? They help the party support local, state, and national candidates and issues that are important to the democratic and national causes. They help to provide literature that can be distributed at events and when canvassing local neighborhoods.

Our local party has the Donkey Club that requires the giver to donate a one-time gift of $100 to the local party. The next level of giving this year will be the 2024 Club, that requires a monthly gift of $20.24. Party members can participate in both clubs. Members of the 2024 Club end up donating a total of $242.88 by the end of the year. Members of this club receive two free tickets to the Party’s annual banquet.

How does the small amount of $20.24 per month add up to a substantial amount of support? If we have one hundred members join the club, that makes an annual income of $2024 per year. If ten people joined the Donkey Club, that would be $1000. Other money for the party comes from other donations by members of the party. At each monthly meeting, we pass the “hat” taking donations from those in attendance. Many months, this brings in an additional one hundred plus dollars.

Your support is vital to our being able to reach out into our community and strengthen our support for candidates and issues. Please consider giving to our local Democratic Party. Donations can be made through ActBlue or by sending a check to Scioto County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 492, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662.


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