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What Even is a County Recorder? Unveiling the Role Behind the Records

generated image of county recorder's office

The position of a county recorder is pivotal in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of land records, a practice deeply rooted in our legal system. Originating from English law and adopted in colonial America, the role has evolved significantly over time. In Ohio, the county recorder is responsible for a comprehensive and meticulous record-keeping of all documents related to land conveyance and encumbrance within the county. This includes deeds, mortgages, leases, land contracts, easements, right of ways, and even military discharge records of veterans.

The Scioto County Recorder's Office, established in 1803, is not just a repository of deeds for the county's 16 townships, 4 villages, and the City of Portsmouth. It is a hub of detailed records that trace back to the county's formation. The office's real estate geographical indexing system is a testament to its organized and historical significance, categorizing properties into various types like Lots in a Subdivision, Virginia Military Survey Numbers, and others. In today's digital age, the office has embraced technology with its online access system, AVA, allowing the public to peruse records from 1982 to the present day, alongside a Deed Index for older records dating back to 1803. This blend of historical preservation and modern accessibility is crucial for a county recorder's office. Recently, the Scioto County Recorder's Office has introduced the "Property Fraud Alert" program, a proactive step to safeguard property owners against fraud by alerting them whenever something is recorded against their property. This initiative highlights the ongoing evolution and adaptability of the office to meet contemporary needs. As we look towards the future, it's essential to have a county recorder who not only understands the historical significance of the role but is also equipped to handle contemporary challenges. Gail Alley's tenure as the incumbent has demonstrated a blend of respect for tradition and an embrace of technological advancements, crucial for the effective management of the Scioto County Recorder's Office.

While the upcoming general election on November 5, 2024, offers a choice, it's important to consider the track record and capabilities of the candidates. In contemplating your decision for the next Scioto County Recorder, it may be worthwhile to consider the commitment and experience Gail Alley has brought to the office. Having worked for the Scioto County Recorder's office since 1991, and holding the Office of Recorder since 2013, her dedication to maintaining the integrity of our land records and adapting to new challenges is vital for ensuring that the office continues to serve the public efficiently and securely. For more information about the Scioto County Recorder's Office, visit their website, or their Facebook page.


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