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Public Service Announcement: Attention Members of the Scioto County Democratic Party

The public service announcement in short format for social media with QR Codes linking to our bylaws

It's crucial for all members, officeholders, and central committee precinct chairs within the Ohio Democratic Party and the Scioto County Democratic Party to understand the implications of our bylaws regarding party affiliation and participation in party activities.

Our bylaws clearly state: "No person may be a member or may vote on any motion, resolution, nomination, or election at any caucus, convention, meeting, or conference of the Scioto County Democratic Party who does not meet the aforesaid qualifications or who is a member of any other political party at that time."

This means that your participation in a primary election directly impacts your party affiliation. If you choose to vote with a Republican ballot in a primary election, your affiliation will change to Republican until you vote in a Democratic primary in a future election. This change in party affiliation may restrict your ability to participate in Democratic Party activities, including voting on motions, resolutions, nominations, elections, or holding certain positions within the party.

We urge all members, especially current and future officeholders, including central committee precinct chairs, to consider the consequences of their electoral choices carefully. The recent endorsement of a Republican candidate in the primary by Joe Wessel, after withdrawing from contention, serves as a poignant reminder of the potential repercussions these actions can have on your standing within the Democratic Party.

Let's stay informed and make choices that align with our commitment to the Democratic Party's principles and objectives. Your understanding and compliance with these bylaws are essential for maintaining the integrity and unity of our party.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and your continued dedication to our democratic values.


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