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Preventing a Schitty Situation With Your Political "Oxygen Mask"

Updated: Feb 4

"If airplane safety videos have taught me anything David, it's that a mother puts on her own mask first" ~ Moira Rose, Schitt's Creek (TV Series)

If you were like many during peak Covid times, you might have watched Schitt's Creek and remember this iconic line delivered by Moira with her characteristic flair. This quote encapsulates an essential truth about the act of voting — before we can assist others, we must ensure our own ability to participate in the democratic process. The "oxygen mask" in this analogy is our voter registration status, a lifeline for our voice in the political sphere.

Registrations can be purged or become inaccurate for various reasons, from relocation to clerical errors. In Ohio, for example, voter rolls are routinely cleaned up to remove inactive voters, which means you could be unintentionally purged. It's crucial to regularly verify your voter status to ensure your voice is heard on election day.

Take the lead in ensuring your voter registration is up to date. An annual check is a good practice, just like renewing licenses or submitting tax returns. For Ohioans, where purges are a known practice, this becomes even more important.

Once your registration is confirmed, encourage those around you to do the same. Share resources, offer assistance, and remind your network (especially your left-leaning friends) of the importance of staying election-ready.

Just as Moira Rose advises us to don our oxygen masks first, let's prioritize our voter registration status. Make sure you're not caught unprepared for an election. Once you're set, help others do the same. When we're all ready, democracy thrives.


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