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My Vote Doesn’t Count

I often here the statement: “My vote doesn’t count, so why should I bother?

My Vote Doesn't Count, Graphic

The sad part of this statement is that those who make it are devaluing themselves and their opinions and ideas. I am certain that if everyone that made this statement actually voted, it would add up to hundreds of thousands of votes. In fact, I had one person tell me that their winning an election came down to a coin toss, meaning that if just one more person had voted, the outcome could have been different.

Why should you vote? By voting, you are letting your voice be heard. This is important

on the local level as it determines who will be representing you and putting forth plans that

directly affect you. What types of decisions are these? How local funds are spent. What type of services are offered in your community, including police, fire, and emergency responses. What roads are repaired or maintenance of your local utility services. If your local library is funded and able to continue offering the numerous services and programs for community members. It determines how your schools are run.

On the state level, it is also important. It determines funding for grants and

improvements that will help bring jobs into our area or help with funding assistance to people in need. It is also where we can begin to protect our rights.

In every area of government, it determines the leadership the direction that our villages,

cities, townships, counties, states, and country will head.

As you can see, your vote is as important as you and your families are.


You can find voting resources on our site including who's eligible to vote, how to register, and how request an absentee ballot.


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