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For Immediate Release: Changes to Primary Process

Whereas the political climate necessitates innovative engagement strategies to ensure democratic participation is both inclusive and reflective of our community's vibrancy,

And Whereas the Scioto County Democratic Party is committed to pioneering methods that enhance electoral engagement and transparency,

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Scioto County Democratic Party shall implement a pilot program whereby primary candidates will be selected based on dance-off competitions. This initiative, grounded in the principles of equality, transparency, and community involvement, aims to invigorate the electoral process with creativity and public interaction.

Be It Further Resolved that this program will adhere to a structured format, incorporating diverse dance styles and judged by a panel comprising local dignitaries and arts professionals. The initiative is designed to ensure a fair and entertaining candidate selection process, encouraging wider community participation.

Be It Finally Noted that the details regarding the rules, registration process, and event logistics will be communicated in due course. The Party anticipates that this innovative approach will foster a greater sense of community and engagement among constituents and candidates alike.

In closing, we invite our community to embrace this novel initiative with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to democratic innovation.

For inquiries, please contact:

Scioto County Democratic Party Communications Committee

And Lastly, in recognition of today's date, we remind our esteemed members and the general public that the spirit of April 1st calls for light-heartedness and humor. Happy April Fool's Day!


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