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Embracing the Democratic Creed: A Path Forward for Scioto County

During our January 2024 Central Committee meeting, members of the Scioto County Democratic Party took a notable step towards reinforcing its foundational values; the Scioto County Democratic Party has officially adopted The Democratic Creed as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, education, and civic engagement. This adoption signifies a new chapter for the party as it aims to align its local ethos with the broader Democratic principles.

The Democratic Creed, sourced from the educational platform Democrats 101, encapsulates the fundamental beliefs and objectives of Democrats nationwide. The Scioto County Democratic Party intends for this creed to serve as a blueprint for our members and a binding element that unites the community under a common set of aspirations.

Image of the democratic creed from democratis 101

The integration of The Democratic Creed into the party's activities is a strategic move aimed at fostering greater understanding and cohesion. The creed is set to feature prominently in educational programs, campaign materials, and public communications, ensuring that the Democratic values are communicated clearly and effectively.

Moreover, the party has endorsed Democrats 101 as the official resource for educating both members and the public on Democratic policies and values. This platform is expected to be a cornerstone in the party's efforts to inform and engage voters.

The resolution extends an invitation to members and local Democratic clubs to utilize The Democratic Creed and Democrats 101 in their grassroots organizing and candidate support activities. By doing so, the party seeks to enhance its advocacy and community engagement, anchoring its outreach efforts in the values set forth by the creed.

This adoption comes as the Scioto County Democratic Party looks to strengthen its influence in local and national politics. The party acknowledges the importance of being grounded in solid, educational foundations and united action in its pursuit of a fairer and more just society.

The party commits to a regular evaluation of the implementation of these resources, ensuring that they remain relevant and effective in advancing the shared Democratic values. This initiative is an open invitation to all members and supporters to immerse themselves in the core tenets of The Democratic Creed and to actively participate in the Democratic Party's mission and messaging.

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