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Shane Marcum

Ohio Senate 14th District

Shane Marcum

Shane Marcum, age 31, epitomizes the spirit of resilience and community dedication. Born and raised in the heartland of Lucasville, Ohio, within a close-knit rural farming community, Shane's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the working class.

From a young age, immersed in a blue-collar environment, Shane witnessed firsthand the struggles and aspirations of hardworking Americans. His early career as a janitor was not just a job, but a mission to create safer, better conditions for his coworkers and community.

Seeking to serve on a larger scale, Shane enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, demonstrating his patriotism and commitment to his country. His honorable discharge in 2019 marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another in his relentless pursuit of community service.

Post-military, Shane identified a need in Scioto County – a safe, engaging space for its youth. He established a local arcade, not merely as a business venture, but as a community hub for children and teenagers, fostering a sense of belonging and joy in his hometown.

Now, Shane is turning his attention to broader challenges plaguing Ohio – mental health crises, drug addiction, human trafficking, and a stagnation in industrial growth and progress. His platform, rooted in the lived experiences of Ohio's citizens, aims to address these critical issues head-on.

As a candidate for the Ohio State Senate, representing the 14th District, Shane Marcum, under the banner of the Democratic Party, is more than just a candidate. He is a symbol of hope and change – a true representative of the people, ready to roll up his sleeves and work tirelessly for a brighter future for Ohio.

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