Frequently asked questions

Who is my precinct committee representative?

Find your precinct's democrat committee representative, and other elected officials, by searching the Scioto County Board of Elections website.

Can I be a poll worker?

Yes! Please see your precinct committee representative, or contact the Scioto County Board of Elections at 602 7th Street, Room 105, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662, or call them at 740-353-4178.

How do I register to vote, or check my registration?

You can check you voter registration information online at

How can I vote absentee?

For information about voting, see our VOTERS page!

Can I attend a meeting of the Scioto County Democrat Party?

Absolutely! The Scioto County Democratic Party Central Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month (Jan.-Oct.), at the Vern Riffe Community Center, in New Boston.

How do I declare my party affiliation?

Ohio voters don't register with a party, but are affiliated with the party whose ballot they choose in a partisan primary. All you have to do is request a Democrat ballot when you vote in the primary election.